NxSight GPU Cloud

NxSight GPU Cloud is a private cloud platform that provides GPU high-performance computing. Based on a cloud desktop pattern, it can have the storage and processing of data centralized on the cloud platform and all interactive operations delivered to the cloud terminal via the unique "VSight" desktop transport protocol, so that the users connect the keyboard, mouse, and display to the cloud terminal to operate and display. That is, the data is processed in the cloud but operations are displayed locally. The centralized control of data through the cloud platform can limit users' access to resources and guarantee data security; provide a variety of data backup mechanisms to avoid data losses caused by the server and disk failures and other reasons; and provide a variety of GPU computing technology solutions - GPU pass-through and GPU virtualization, which are suitable for high workload scenarios and resource elastic allocation scenarios respectively. Through such a unified operation and maintenance management platform, the efficiency of operation and maintenance can be improved and the costs related thereto can be reduced. Currently, the GPU Cloud has been widely used in surveying and mapping, exploration, construction, design, manufacturing, film and television, animation and other industries.

Product advantages

Flexible choice and excellent cost performance

Suitable for small-scale scenarios and minimal single-node deployment

High scalability

Deep integration of cloud platform with GPU server without management nodes

Leading performance

Deeply tuned hardware and software for businesses with single-machine performance up to 50,000 IOPS

High concurrency and high security

Supports up to 32-node cluster deployment as well as VLAN and VXLAN

Product specifications

Model RC820T-G4 RC840R-G8
GPU graphics card number 4 8
Processor type 2 * Intel multi-core processor 2 * Intel multi-core processor
Memory 128G~256GB 128G~512GB
System disk 2 * 240GB SSD 2 * 240GB SSD
Supported disk type Enterprise-level SSD/HDD disk Enterprise-level SSD/HDD disk
Network 2GE+1GE IPMI+10G SFP+ 2GE+1GE IPMI+10G SFP+
Graphics card NVIDIA GTX 2080Ti/2060Ti NVIDIA GTX 2080Ti/2060Ti
Number and specification of disks 8 *  3.5 " hard disk slots 24 *  2.5 " hard disk slots

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