vCloud Cloud Platform

vCloud is a cloud operating system software that takes charge of the virtualization of hardware resources, as well as the centralized management of virtual resources, business resources and user resources mainly. Through the use of virtual computing, virtual storage, virtual network and other technologies, it can complete the virtualization of computing resources, storage resources and network resources. At the same time, through uniform interfaces, it can realize centralized scheduling and management for these virtual resources, thereby reducing business operating costs, ensuring the security and reliability of the system, and assisting operators and enterprises to build safe, green and energy-saving cloud data center capabilities.

Product advantages

Complete functions

Supports the online migration of virtual machines, cluster HA, online storage migration, and virtual machine deletion protection; supports the separation of platform permissions, single user permission control, and user self-service; supports online backup, backup plan, and disaster recovery plan for virtual machines

Security and reliability

Problems in any hardware will not affect the normal use of businesses; supports virtual machine hardware speed limits to protect the virtual machines from overload and proxy-free virtualization security solution

Excellent performance

Supports IO acceleration under virtualization, which can improve the performance by at least 30%; supports linear performance growth and flexible addition and subtraction of nodes; supports all solid state drive and NVMe environment

Product specifications

Cloud Terminal
Product model TC-1900 TC-4055
CPU Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900(2M high-speed cache, up to  2.42 GHz) Intel® Core™ i3-4005U Processor(3M  high-speed cache, 1.70 GHz)
Memory 2G-4G 4G-8G
SSD 64 64
Network 1*1GbE 1*1GbE
HDMI Supported Supported
VGA Supported Supported
4*USB2.0 Supported Supported

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