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Director Zhu of the Quality Control Department:
vClusters has captured the general direction of Android development and deployed 60 instances of native Android phones on the Android server with the aid of its self-innovated ARM server technology, which has solved Tencents problems in large-scale testing of new games, APPs, and official accounts and tedious testing with physical phones and greatly improved the work efficiency.

Facing a wide variety of games in todays game market, it is very difficult for players to find the right one for them. It takes a lot of time and efforts for players to download, wait, install, test, and uninstall. To let players play online games quickly, Tencent has launched the new business of “Play to Your Joy”. Players can enjoy this service on the “Joy Club” App and play several games without downloading and installation. The “Play to Your Joy” business launched by Tencent has brought great convenience and good experience to players, and the basic hardware platform NxMobile-P60 system provided by Virtual Clusters Technology for this business has good performance and high reliability and supports elastic expansion, which has strongly support the development of this Tencents new business.

Tencents “Play to Your Joy” business has saved a lot of time and efforts for many players; meanwhile, it is also a new way to promote games. Traditional game promotion methods mostly use words and pictures and only provide partial information to players, while the playtest function can make the game more intuitive to players. Players can play the game just by a click without spending a lot of time and traffic, which can eliminate their resistance to advertising. More importantly, in the process of game experience, the high definition picture and smooth control allow players to get what they see. This new promotion method has further obtained the high praise from many players and led the game promotion to a new era. vClustersNxMobile has high standard hardware configuration and supports strong graphics and image processing capabilities, which fundamentally drives the coming of this era.

The playtest is based on cloud computing. In the running mode of playtest, all games run on the server-side, and rendered game pictures and audios will be delivered to a user after compression. The user's mobile phone acts as the operating end and only needs to maintain the basic network patency and video decompression ability. The “Play to Your Joy” launched by Tencent runs on the background hardware platform of NxMobile-series products, which supports a variety of graph and image processing frameworks and media coding and decoding capacity and powerfully provides a basic guarantee for the business development from the hardware dimension.

vClusters Information Technology is a leading cloud mobile phone solution provider in China and the NxMobile-P60 launched by it is currently the only ARM-architecture micro-cluster product that can provide hardware support for the large-scale deployment of cloud mobile phones and cloud games. It has an excellent high-reliability architecture design, high performance that can meet the computing demand of high-end games, and comprehensive hardware and software management capability. The BMC+WEB dual management platform monitors the full-stack status, is easy for deployment, operation and maintenance, supports stable operation throughout the day and can meet several requirements of low latency, high-definition and quick response in the high-end game experience.

With the arrival of the 5G era, data services have fully stepped into the era of cloud intelligence. In the future life, the “cloud” will be available anytime and anywhere. Meanwhile, the cloud mobile phone service will greatly facilitate our personal lfie and change our lifestyles. In addition to the above mentioned playtest without loading, the cloud mobile phone, as our second mobile phone space, can provide continuous online APP running and on-hook, and the large data storage space can eliminate inconveniences caused by the power-off, disconnection, and lack of space or performance of local phones. The vClustersNxMobile-P60 will provide solid infrastructure support for a full range of cloud mobile phone services in the future with its rock-solid quality.

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