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General Manager Zou of Shenzhen Rayvision Technology Co., Ltd.:
vClusters cluster storage solution has fulfilled our company's strict requirements for high concurrency and large capacity storage. Its leading performance, product stability, and perfect after-sales services can not only provide a solid guarantee for our businesses but also greatly reduce rendering and hosting costs.

The Renderbus Cloud Render Farm developed by Shenzhen Rayvision Technology Co., Ltd. is a cloud rendering platform with an early start, large scale and a large number of users in China. Representative works: Oscar best animated short films Mr. Hublot, Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn, and The Legend of Qin

Customer demands

● Common storage systems, including those from some well-known domestic brands, have been unable to support the concurrent access of the 200-300 rendering workstations ● As concurrent read and write have higher requirements for bandwidth and a large number of small files also have requirements for IOPS, the rendering process has become longer and the long time spent on material import in the early stage leads to an increased rendering cycle ● The increase in material clarity and production clarity has a growing demand for storage capacity, bandwidth, IOPS, and concurrent processing capacity


In view of the difficulties faced by Rayvision, vClusters has optimized its solution for the rendering scenarios and provided 12 nodes for the customer through the use of the vCluster cluster storage cold and hot hierarchy solution. Such a solution not only can fulfill the customer’s performance requirements, but also supports thousands of render servers to access online concurrently. Both of its hot and cold nodes can be expanded as needed. The solution has enabled the total network bandwidth of 12 nodes to run fully (120 Gb/s) for 120 hours, which has become the largest storage bandwidth in China. After the emergency capacity expansion, the storage performance has reached 240 Gb/S. During the National Day holidays, vClusters vNAS has created the industry's No.1 performance. For 5 days (120 hours) of continuous running, the 12 VCFS heads have fully realized their bandwidth, which is up to a total of 120Gb/s (10Gb/s for each).

Customer benefits

Faster read speed of material files: the rendering speed of a single large film and television task has been increased by 18 times and the subsequent rendering speed will even be 50 times faster, which is far ahead of the world counterparts and has reached the level of the cloud rendering centers of Hollywood film and television companies.

More rendering hosts for a single task: the number of concurrent rendering hosts for a single large film and television character has been increased by N times, which has completely eliminated the long-standing concurrency limit of a single task host.

Faster rendering speed of tasks: a task that used to take four months to complete can now be completed in two weeks, which saves rendering costs by 50% for film and TV companies.

Overall cost savings of Rayvision: The new solution requires only a 22U space for a 1280Gbps speed, while the traditional solution requires a 300U space. Therefore, the hosting cost of Rayvision can be saved by 80%.

Speedup of performance expansion: the speed of performance expansion has changed qualitatively. An expansion from 120Gbps to 360Gbps takes only half a month from planning demonstration to business coordination and implementation.

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