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Jiangsu Hongxin Video Cloud

Customer's comment

Technical Director Ji of Smart City Business Division:
Hongxin video cloud storage is now mainly used to store the video surveillance data in sports lottery stores and slaughter houses throughout the province. Up to down, the system has been running very well. The application of the Virtual Clusters’ ARM chip distributed storage architecture has greatly improved the stability, reliability, and expansibility of the system, which meets our requirements for system applications. In particular, the customized design and perfect function customization provided by your company have solved the online play problems of our video cloud platform. Special thanks to all the hard work of the technical staff of Virtual Clusters, who provides strong background support for the business operation of our unit.

Background & customer demand

China Telecom Hongxin System Integration Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jiangsu Telecom, is mainly engaged in providing intelligent information services to customers and has extensive video surveillance needs. Facing the problem of massive video data storage and considering the need for data center construction, after comprehensive consideration and research, it selected Shenzhen Virtual Clusters Information Technology Co., Ltd. for cooperation. The whole project was carried out in two phases and Virtual Clusters developed two different storage solutions to meet the storage needs of China Telecom Hongxin.

vCluster Solution

● vCluster video cloud storage, high-performance expansion:

In the first phase of the project, Virtual Clusters built a video cloud storage platform by using its massive cold data storage solution, used the S3 protocol to realize the direct storage of video data and adopted the dual-copy to ensure data redundancy. The first phase project invested 10+ nodes with raw capacity of up to 2PB, and it has been able to support the access of over 10,000-channel cameras up to now.

By adopting the solution of joint operation mode, Virtual Clusters has invested funds and equipment to construct infrastructures for video cloud storage and achieved win-win cooperation with integrators through joint-operation. In terms of customer value, this solution can reduce end-users’ input to video surveillance and realize the unified data processing and supervision to improve the user experience. In terms of operators, the efficient construction of video cloud services can effectively promote the bandwidth service and enhance IDC incomes; meanwhile, integrators can also reduce the construction cost of video cloud storage and the later maintenance cost of a storage system and improve their profits in the storage businesses.

● Bluedata cold data storage, the strongest energy-saving:

To ensure that China Telecom Hongxin can operate its video surveillance services normally and continue to access more cameras, it is necessary to expand the capacity of the first phase project.

In response to the nation’s call for green energy saving, in the second phase of the project, Virtual Clusters adopted the solution of the whole ARM-architecture Bluedata massive cold data storage, with the Ampere ARM server acting as the high-performance pool on the front end to provide high data concurrent processing capacity and the NxCells ARM server on the back end to construct a low power-consumption and high-density cold data storage pool. The whole solution adopted the dual-copy strategy to provide such functions as automatic archiving and automatic sleep.

Customer value

The NxCells is a high-density structure with power consumption as low as 300W. It supports disk sleep and wake-up functions. When the system sleeps, the power consumption can be as low as 180 watts, which allows it to have the natural advantage of low power consumption;

The automatic archiving function can automatically migrate data to the NxCells cold data storage pool based on the strategy to achieve the purpose of hot and cold data stratification, so as to undertake more businesses by taking advantages of high-performance media;

The NxCells cold data storage pool can realize the hard-disk level sleep, i.e. sleeping when no data is called and waking up in seconds when the data is read, to minimize the power consumption of the equipment.

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