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Pingdingshan Government Services Cloud

Customers comment

Technical Director Wang of Product Technology Department, HIT Robot Group:
Since the implementation of the Pingdingshan Internet + Government Service Project, vClusters has been providing solid support as a manufacturer of computing and data equipment with a good service attitude and excellent technical strength. Through perfect matching and deployment of various business requirements, it has completed deployment in one week and continuously guaranteed the business operation. By handling special malfunctions and incidents immediately, completing support business inspection efficiently, adapting and processing linkage faults, and optimizing and improving the configurations continuously according to the faults and demands, it has enabled the continuous and stable operation of business data and provided strong support for the Pingdingshan Internet + Government Service Project.

Customer demand

The government service cloud project of a certain city’s data center strives to build a data center with a reasonable layout, complete functions, advanced facilities, complete supporting facilities, green energy saving, unified management and good expansibility, thereby providing a good, stable, efficient and safe operation support environment for the construction of the city and comprehensively improving the service quality and management level of the e-government network of the city.
★ This project intends to build a storage system and a backup system, among which the former mainly provides storage space for the service layer, while the latter requires backup of important business data and key data.
★ The customer’s application scenarios include not only businesses that require high IO performance, such as Oracle, MySQL database and Web application server, but also some file services that do not require high IO performance, such as audio and video, and office documents, etc.


vClusters has chosen the cluster storage solution for the customers application scenarios and deployed a set of clusters in the municipal data center to provide data storage services. The solution has divided the clusters into a high-performance pool and a common pool, with the former used to contain the businesses that have high IO requirements, such as database, and the latter used to contain other businesses with low IO requirements.
At the same time, vClusters has also built a set of backup system to provide backup space for physical databases and Web application servers. The backup system can realize centralized backup of data and online backup management of the data in the database system and application system.

Advantages of the solution

High scalability: the storage design supports rapid scaling of both horizontal and vertical disk mounted modes and has high availability of enterprise-level storage;

High performance: the storage pool is divided into a high-performance pool and an ordinary pool, which can meet the high-performance business requirements, such as front-end database, and other common business requirements at the same time and maximize cost control;

High security: the cluster management mode can eliminate single point of failure, and with the help of the copy mechanism, the main storage can back up important businesses;

Easy management: single name space and visual Web platform management, which is convenient and quick;

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